Recommendation service

Recommendations are all about suggesting the relevant items to end users. The QuanoX engine leverages advanced machine learning techniques to build live and accurate recommendations with the goal of increasing both your conversion rate and user experience.

It enforces privacy for both you and your end users since it solely relies on the consumption data (or clicks) of your end users. It’s also a fully generic approach that can be used on any online platform (e-commerce, media, etc.).

To start getting recommendations, all you have to do is send us some product ids (so we know what to recommend), and the consumption events (a user and an item id), through a simple API that we provide.

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Why quanox?

Privacy by design

We only rely on anonymized consumption data, allowing both consumers and corporates to control their own data and frontend.

Cross consumption

More accurate recommendations are achieved through a mutual benefit ecosystem, leading to higher conversion rate.

Live recommendation

Our recommendations are calculated in real-time and allow serendipity and discovery for the users.

Transparent pricing

Our pricing is primarily performance-based and trackable through a dashboard: there is no hidden cost.

Your benefits

Retain full control of your company and client data

Lower churn rate

Increased annual revenue

A better understanding of end user behaviour

Improved product understanding and revenue prediction

Fast implementation and highly predictable cost scheme

Plug and play

API: REST or WebSocket

Step 1
Inform us about your inventory by sending us a list of item ids
Step 2
Start sending us the consumption events (user id and item id) and get the recommendations

Pricing policy

  • No setup cost
  • 3 months free trial with 1 day termination notice
  • Post trial: 1 month termination notice
  • Very competitive and transparent performance-based pricing

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